How Offermation Works

Spot it

Discover great Offers from local businesses while browsing your favorite websites.

Got it

Purchase the Offer for a great discount and redeem when you need it.

Share it

Think you know someone that would like the Offer? Share it with them and spread the love.

Attract new customers from all across the web.

Offermation allows business owners to create revenue-driving live deals. Through a simple process, you can design the Offer, define the discount, and determine the incentive you’re willing to give online Publishers to promote your Offer to their audience.


Monetize your online presence

You’ve got eyeballs - lots of ‘em. Offermation hooks you up with local businesses who are eager to share a portion of well-performing Offers. Browse our marketplace for Offers that meet your revenue goals, as well as the interests of your audience.


The Marketplace

Offermation’s marketplace is where live deals for local products and services meet the masses.
Offermation reaches across the web, connecting business owners with content Publishers to promote great Offers.