Frequently Asked Questions

Offermation is a platform that connects businesses with online publishers in a dynamic and rewarding marketplace. Offermation allows businesses to create live deals with our step by step wizard. We give businesses the freedom to set their own price, discount, terms, and even upload their own images. Once completed, these deals are placed in our Marketplace and are available for anyone to publish them to the internet! Website owners, bloggers, or anyone with an audience online can share the offers in our Marketplace and get paid when people purchase that deal from their shared link! Businesses determine how much of the deal price they're willing to give up to whomever publishes their deal, and Publishers can pick and choose which deals their audience will enjoy!

Quite simply, Offermation is host to potentially thousands of deals from across country at any given time. We don't promote one individual deal each day, rather, we cultivate an open marketplace where businesses are free to create offers whenever they see fit. By allowing these offers to be published by our network of Publishers, deals from Offermation are found all across the web at any moment on Facebook walls, Twitter feeds, Blogs, and major web publications. Most importantly, we don't dictate a specific discount to the businesses, and we don't keep a huge percentage from them. We allow the businesses who create these deals to specify their own parameters for the deal. They get to set the price, length, discount, and incentive amount that's given to the publishers.

After creating a Business account, users who want to make an Offer use our offer creation wizard where they specify the item, discount, terms, and other details about the offer they want to create. They can choose an image that will be displayed both on their offer page as well as on the Offermation Widget. They can specify the length of the offer and how many they want to sell. After the deal is completed it goes to our Marketplace where it can be viewed, purchased, and shared.

Once a business creates an Offer, it's placed in our Marketplace where it can be activated by only top-tier publishers. Once it's activated, anyone can publish the deals to their Facebook wall, Twitter feed, website, or blog. Offermation allows people to pick what deals their audience will like, and share them. We share a portion of the deal value with the publisher for sharing it to their online audience. Businesses can also choose to activate and publish their own deals (i.e. to their Facebook Wall) in which case they are both the Publisher and the Business.

After an Offer has been published, any user can potentially share it with their social network, blog, or website, and get paid for doing so. By navigating to a specific deal page, you will find the variety of share links at the top of the page. Facebook and Twitter sharing will post a link to your feed using a custom code to track any clicks and sales from that person's link. If you wish to utilize our custom Offermation Widget, you can drop the deal into your website as a banner ad in a variety of sizes. These banners display the image, description, and even a live countdown timer for the deal you're sharing. From the Publisher Dashboard you can then see how many people have viewed, clicked, and purchased the offer from your share link or widget. Commission is then paid out for each person that does purchase the offer, and we send you check after meeting our minium requirements.

In addition to being shared across our Publisher network on Facebook, Twitter, and other websites, every offer that gets activated through Offermation can be found in the Offermation Marketplace. This is basically a way for people to browse a huge marketplace of offers from a wide variety of businesses, and share the ones they like.

Offermation allows businesses to determine the duration of their offers, from 1 day to up to 1 week. Some deals also have a limited quantity, and end once all the offers have been purchased.