HOW TO: Raise money for your cause using Offermation

Did you know you can use Offermation as a way to raise money for a cause? No, we're not talking about causes related to the partaking in libations for poor college students. We're talking about charities, nonprofits, and other organizations aiming to do some good in this crazy world.

It's actually really simple.

  1. Register a Publisher account with Offermation by clicking the "Create Account" link up in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Visit our Marketplace and find Offers created by local businesses looking to pay anyone and everyone who's willing to help word-of-mouth their Offer all over town.
  3. If you've found some Offers that you think your constituency would be interested in buying, share it with them by clicking "Publish", "Facebook", or "Twitter" right in the Marketplace listing or toward the top right corner of the actual Offer page. You can also copy and paste your unique affiliate link into an email. (it should look something like this: -- all the alpha-numeric craziness after the question mark in the URL is SUPER important to ensuring that you get the money for your cause, so make sure it's in your link!)
  4. Make sure to include a message when you share the link telling your contacts why you are sharing the Offer and how their purchases will result savings at a local business, as well as a donation to your great cause. (Publisher payouts are $5 and up for several of our Offers! -- SUPER NICE!!!)
  5. Watch your Facebook, Twitter, or email contacts come to life with contributions to your cause when they purchase the Offers you've shared!

Pretty cool, I'd say. With Offermation, business owners allocate a portion of the purchase price as an incentive to any and all Publishers who help promote their Offer, either on their website or blog, social network, or email contacts. This is one creative way to put the Offermation incentive pool to great use, offering your contacts great deals that support community businesses, and in this case, your special cause.

Questions? Holler at me in the comments or email me and we'll get you all sorted out.