Offermation - The Open Marketplace Difference

We didn't build Offermation to be another daily deal site. We built Offermation to empower local businesses owners by giving them an open marketplace for creating live deals. This solved a lot of problems with businesses being forced to give certain discounts with threatening terms, but we didn't stop there. We wanted to give the masses a platform to organize, communicate, and share local deals. This platform aimed to give a voice to the people by allowing them to collectively buy local goods and services, and meanwhile being able to sustain themselves by using this open marketplace.

Several solutions, ideas, and concepts came out of this primordial soup of inspiration. What came to be was a completely open marketplace where business create their own offers. We then gave tools for people to share those deals on their websites, social media outlets, or however they want. We set up our system so that anyone sharing a deal actually gets a share of the revenue, with the business determining how much is shared. This free market approach allows the people with the network, drive, and love for local businesses to sustain their blog or website, or just make some extra cash on the side. This also entices local businesses to create great deals that people will want to share and enjoy!

We really feel like we've created a win-win-win for local businesses and people who love to share and support those businesses.