About Us

Offermation is a Milwaukee-based startup based on a few core beliefs:

  • Businesses should be able to create live deals on their own terms
  • Online publishers -- from mass media to mommy blogs -- need a disruptive solution for driving ad revenue
  • Customers love discovering new businesses -- sometimes they just need a little push

Business owners told us that they were sick of getting burned by group deals that lost money and didn’t encourage loyal customers. With this in mind, we created a simple wizard for creating Offers. Vendors control all the terms and conditions of their Offer, then submit it to our Marketplace for Publishers and customers to publish, purchase, and share it with their social connections.

What’s in it for Publishers and customers? Business owners name the incentive that they’re willing to pay for every purchase made through a published or shared Offer. When an Offer is purchased, the incentive is paid to the Publisher. That means customers not only save money when they buy Offers, but also make money when they share Offers with friends.

We call this little innovation pay-per-performance advertising, because business owners only pay for ads when a purchase is made. We reckon it’s a rather nifty solution -- don’t you?